Complete scientific review of A1M accepted for publication

This autumn sees the first publication in a scientific journal of a complete review of A1M. The article will summarize 40 years of research into the protein’s properties and functions in the body. 

This review article is the first of its kind devoted entirely to A1M in its function as radical scavenger and protection molecule. The article is written by Bo Åkerström and Magnus Gram – both researchers associated with A1M Pharma – and summarizes all the findings on the protein since it was discovered about 40 years ago, with an emphasis on the recent discoveries relating to its functions as cleanser and protector. The article was accepted in June by the prestigious journal Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine.

‘I have studied A1M ever since I started my doctoral thesis in 1974 under Professor Ingemar Berggård, and it feels hugely satisfying to make this knowledge more widely available,’ says Bo Åkerström, Professor of Medical Chemistry at Lund University. ‘I dare say that the text will also serve as a factual source for interested laymen, because the contents of the review article are somewhat less technical than those usually encountered in scientific journals. Anyone reading the review will understand why we call A1M “an extraordinary protein”!’

Downloadable pdf article: A1M, an extravascular tissue cleaning and housekeeping protein

Bo Åkerström is professor of Medical Chemistry, and leads a research team at the Department of Infection Medicine at Lund University. He is the author of some 140 scientific papers and has had a key role in the discovery of the A1M molecule and the identification of its functions in the body. He is a world leader in the field and the inspiration behind several of A1M’s medical applications. He is a co-founder of A1M Pharma AB.

Magnus Gram is a doctor of medical science and responsible for pre-clinical research in a research group at the Department of Paediatrics. Gram is the author of more than 25 scientific articles and a number of patent applications. He has been instrumental in the mapping of the A1M molecule’s functions and the development of A1M’s medical applications. He is a co-founder of A1M Pharma AB.