A1M Pharma formed in 2008 when Professor Stefan Hansson and Professor Bo Åkerström brought together their research in pre-eclampsia and the endogenous protein alpha-1-microglobulin respectively. Working with Tomas Eriksson, A1M Pharma’s chief executive, they created the company and have since appointed a talented team who are dedicated to fighting pre-eclampsia.

In this blog we introduce our team of founding researchers to tell you more about our company, our work and our values.

Professor Bo Åkerström – chief scientist

“In 2008 I met Stefan, whose clinical research in pre-eclampsia was the perfect match for my research into the molecule alpha-1-microglobulin (A1M). At the same time we met Tomas Eriksson who had the business knowledge and drive to make A1M Pharma a real prospect.

“The company was a vital next step for me to be able to develop my research and the formation of A1M Pharma is a big success for me. I enjoy working alongside my colleagues who all have enormous optimism for our research plans.

“There are some big challenges in working in pre-eclampsia – not least that it’s actually many diseases – but I’m confident that we will be able to detect and fight the disease early. Ideally this would be in the third month of pregnancy, so we could reduce the risks and costs involved for mother and baby.”

Professor Stefan Hansson – chief clinician

“The fact that it’s 2016 and we still have no cure for pre-eclampsia is a strong motivator for me. Every patient is unique and has a variety of different signs and symptoms, so trying to unpick all of this to make a clear picture of what pre-eclampsia are and how it develops is very complicated.

“One of A1M Pharma’s biggest successes for me was when Bo and I brought our research findings together and designed the first ever study using a human placenta outside of the body. This was a big step in pre-eclampsia research that I’m very proud of.

“The next challenge to overcome will be finding a way to target the condition at an early stage before it causes the mother and baby any harm. A drug that could do this would have a tremendous impact on pre-eclampsia and the nine million mothers it affects worldwide each year and would also reduce long-term health problems for mothers and babies. I hope that A1M Pharma’s work will give a solution to these issues in the future.”

Magnus Gram – PhD

“Before joining A1M Pharma I worked in the lab with Bo at Lund University researching the A1M molecule. The hope of making our molecule into a pre-eclampsia treatment for patients with no other option is extremely inspiring for me and is a major reason for why I became a founder of the company.

“Since being here I’ve had the great fortune of working with highly experienced and very knowledgeable people – both within science and business development – to increase our understanding of A1M and build the company.

“Pre-eclampsia is a very difficult area to research because it affects pregnant women, meaning the stakes are high and the rules around research are very strict. Thanks to supporters with a great personal interest we’ve been able to develop A1M closer to the clinic. I hope our next success will be to get the drug into a clinical trial, so we can show successful data and get the drug to patients. This would be a fantastic thing to be part of!”