Scientific publication confirms the protective effect of A1M drug in preeclampsia

Researchers at A1M Pharma have published a scientific study of the protein alpha-1-microglobulin ( A1M ) in the research journal Plos One. The study shows that A1M protects against damage to the placenta and kidney in ovine preeclampsia.

Link to Plos One article in pdf format

Summary of the study and results

A1M Pharma has developed a drug that has now been tested on sheep with artificially induced preeclampsia. The experiments were carried out on fifteen pregnant sheep. Half of the ewes were given a dose of the drug being tested, while the other half served as a control. All of the sheep had developed the symptoms seen in preeclampsia. In the sheep that received the drug the damage to placentas and kidneys healed and their blood pressure dropped. None of the treated animals suffered any side effects from the drug candidate A1M001.

CEO Tomas Eriksson comments:

– It is very gratifying and a huge step in the right direction that our treatment strategy has proved to be effective in this animal model. The positive results further strengthen us in our work related to the development and commercialization of the diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia based on the A1M protein.


For further information please contact Thomas Eriksson, CEO of A1M Pharma AB, tel 046-286 50 30.